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Audio customization

You can customize your Driver app audio settings to suit your needs and preferences while driving.

To access audio controls:

  1. Tap your profile photo or menu icon to open the main menu.
  2. Select “Account” then “App settings.”
  3. Go to “Sounds and voice” to customize your settings.

Volume control

In addition to controlling volume on your iOS or Android phone, you can also set your app’s volume to soft, normal or loud. This feature will adjust voice volume and volume for trip alert sounds (e.g. trip requests, ride cancellations, etc.) without changing your phone’s volume.

Default setting: Loud

Pro tip: Keep your app volume set to loud to mirror your phone’s volume. To test your app’s volume, go online and listen for the sound that indicates you’re online.

Read messages from riders

Hear rider messages read out loud, so you can keep your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel.

Default setting: On

Pro tip: Leave this feature on, so you never miss a message from a rider.

Announce trip alerts

The Driver app can announce important trip alerts, such as new rider pickups, information about your next rider, dropoff destination changes, and cancellations.

Default setting: Off

Pro tip: Turn this feature on, so you don’t miss important rider updates.

Voice navigation

When using Uber Navigation, you can have turn-by-turn directions read aloud. This feature only works in turn-by-turn mode, which you can activate in App Settings by selecting Navigation and then Audio guidance.

Default setting: On

Pro tip: Keep this feature on, especially if you’re less familiar with the area in which you’re driving. To turn this feature off, tap the Navigation box and toggle the sound icon off.

Play Uber voice over your vehicle’s Bluetooth

For cars equipped with Bluetooth, Uber voice (i.e. turn-by-turn Navigation updates) can play over your car’s audio. So if you’re playing audio over Bluetooth, Uber voice will briefly interrupt it with directions or updates.

To enable this functionality, connect your phone’s Bluetooth to your vehicle. You can do this through the Bluetooth settings on both your phone and your car.

Audio while charging phone

Need to charge your phone and play music at the same time? Connect your phone to your car via Bluetooth. That way, you can stream music and also hear app notifications and trip alerts.

Some drivers have had issues with app audio not working when connected to both Bluetooth and a power source. We’re working to fix this.

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