City of Toronto Driver Training Requirements

New applicants for private transportation companies need to successfully complete a third-party training program approved by the city, as a requirement of licence issuance.

Drivers currently licensed will also have to take this training program; the deadline will be provided at a later date once more training providers are approved.

Completion of training is required to drive in the City of Toronto.

There are multiple approved providers who can provide City-accredited training. You can view all the approved providers here.

Once you have completed the driver training, don’t forget to upload your Driver Training Certificate.

How to Upload Driver Training Certificate

To upload documents to your account, sign in to or follow these steps in the Driver app:

  1. Download the Driver Training Certificate from your City-accredited training provider
  2. Tap your profile photo or the menu icon to open the main menu
  3. Tap “Account” and then “Documents”
  4. Choose the document slot “[City of Toronto Requirement] Training Certificate”
  5. Tap “Take photo” and select “Upload an existing one”
  6. Select and upload the Driver Training Certificate PDF file that you have downloaded

Make sure your training certificate is correct before submitting it for approval. Uploaded documents generally take 1-5 days to review.

You may also choose to print your document and take a photo of it for upload. If you choose this method, you may face the following common document issues that will cause your document to be rejected:

  • Photo is blurry or dark
  • Photo isn’t of the original document
  • Photo does not include all 4 corners of the document
  • Document is not the Driver Training Certificate
  • Document is illegible
  • Document is missing information

If your document is rejected, please ensure the above issues are corrected and resubmit your document.

Obtaining Your Private Transportation Company Licence

If your vehicle is 7 years or newer, has a valid Safety Standards Certificate and you satisfy these requirements, Uber will submit an application to the City of Toronto for your Private Transportation Company (PTC) licence on your behalf. It should take up to 5 days to process. We will inform you once the city approves your PTC licence via email. Upon receiving your PTC licence, you will be able to accept requests within the municipal boundaries of City of Toronto, City of Mississauga and the Town of Oakville.

If you have a vehicle older than 7 years, there are still options available. While you cannot pick up riders in the City of Toronto, City of Mississauga, and Town of Oakville, you can drive in the GTA. You also may qualify to deliver with Uber Eats.

If you do not receive your PTC licence within 5 business days, please visit a Greenlight Hub for support.