Contacting a rider

You can get in touch with your rider by either calling or messaging them through the app after you've accepted their ride request. We recommend using in-app messaging to avoid international roaming rates.

Where available, the app keeps both the rider's number and your number anonymous to keep everyone's info private. Since these anonymized numbers always change, they cannot be saved for speed dial.

To message your rider:

1. Swipe up on the white bar at the bottom of the app
2. Tap the chat icon. It's located directly left of the rider's name
3. Type your message and hit SEND

Your rider will receive a notification that you have sent a message. If your rider responds, you will also receive a push notification and see an incoming message. The message will be read aloud and you'll have the option to send a "thumbs-up" as a response to acknowledge it.

To call your rider, tap the chat icon, then the telephone icon in the top right, then wait for the call to connect with the rider.

If you are on an UberX Share trip, make sure to select the correct rider to text or call.

Messaging through our in-app feature keeps your personal information safe at all times. Your rider will not have access to your personal info once the trip is over.