Delivering large orders with Uber Eats

Large orders can be tricky to handle, but we’ve got some tips to make your delivery experience smoother:

Catering bags

  • While not mandatory, many delivery people find using a catering bag helps transport large orders more easily.
  • Catering bags helps keep food safe and at the right temperature, as recommended by health experts like the CDC.

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Remember, is run by a third-party, and Uber isn’t in charge of their products or services. The use of any equipment, such as catering bags, is fully optional for Uber Eats deliveries.

Moving carts

  • Merchants and office buildings may provide moving carts or equipment to assist with large or heavy orders. However, it’s not a requirement for them to do so.
  • Check with the merchant or facility staff at larger buildings to see if such assistance is available for your order.

When delivering a large order

  • Check if there’s equipment available at the pickup or delivery location to help move the order.
  • Consider investing in a catering bag to maintain food quality and ease transportation.
  • Plan ahead for parking and navigating any large buildings to ensure a timely delivery.