Delivery Barcode Scan FAQs

Barcode scans for delivery

To make sure each delivery reaches the right customer, some orders need a barcode scan when you pick them up and when you drop them off.

How to scan barcodes

When you get a delivery request, check if your app shows Barcode Scan Required. If it does, a scan is required. Requests without this message don’t need to be scanned.

  1. Use your app to scan the barcode on the package or each item
  2. After a successful scan, your app will signal you to proceed with the delivery
  3. At drop-off, scan the package’s barcode once more

Finding the barcode

Look for the barcode on the exterior of the bag holding the order.

Troubleshooting barcode scans

If scanning doesn’t work: * Ensure you’re scanning the right barcode on the package * Verify you have the correct order associated with the barcode * Check that your app is updated to the latest version

Missing barcode at pickup

If the package is missing a barcode: * Ask a store employee for help. * They will provide the barcode sticker for you to scan and carry on with the pickup.