Driving Time

By law in California, drivers of commercial vehicles may transport passengers in their vehicles for up to 12 hours. After 12 hours, drivers must be offline for 6 consecutive hours before driving again.

If you go offline at any point, that time will not be counted toward the 12-hour limit.

Any time spent online and driving with Uber counts toward the 12-hour driving limit. Time spent engaged in driving will count, for example, when you are temporarily stopped at a traffic light. If you’re online but stopped, for instance, waiting for a trip in an airport parking lot, that time is not counted.

You’ll know if you’re getting close to your maximum driving time through the app. We’ll notify you 2 hours, 1 hour, and 30 minutes before you reach the 12-hour driving limit so you can plan when you want to go offline.

Anytime you’re offline for 6 or more hours, your driving hours will reset to 12.