Drug testing

How drug testing works

If you receive complaints from riders alleging that you were impaired when driving on the platform that could lead to deactivation of your account, Uber may invite you to take a voluntary drug test. Here’s what happens:

  1. Uber will register a drug test for you with LabCorp
  2. You will get detailed registration info via email
  3. Choose a convenient LabCorp location and provide your registration details
  4. On-site, you give a urine sample for testing
  5. LabCorp checks for various substances

Privacy and results

  • LabCorp handles all test information according to their privacy policy
  • Uber only sees the negative or positive results via a secure LabCorp portal
  • Results will determine if your account is reactivated
  • You’ll receive the final decision through in-app support


  • Why didn’t I get offered a drug test after an impaired driving claim?

    Tests are only offered if a drug-related complaint puts your account at risk and is timely. If conditions aren’t met, a test won’t be offered.

  • Can I take my own drug or alcohol test?

    No, you must use the Uber-arranged LabCorp testing process for consideration in account reviews.

  • What if I can’t complete my drug test within 72 hours?

    Due to the nature of intoxicants, tests must be taken within 72 hours. Late tests are not valid.

  • What if I use legal controlled substances recreationally?

    Any positive result on the drug test could lead to permanent account deactivation.

  • What if I have a prescription for a substance found in the test?

    A Medical Review Officer (MRO) will review positive tests. They will confirm if a valid prescription caused the result, which Uber will consider for your account status.