Emergency contact information

What is an emergency contact?

An emergency contact is a person you choose that may be contacted if there’s an emergency on a trip and Uber is unable to contact you directly.

When will Uber reach out to this person?

Uber will try to call you first if an emergency is reported during a trip or delivery. If we can’t reach you, Uber may attempt to call your emergency contacts if it is reported that:

  • Someone has died
  • Someone has been hospitalized
  • Someone has been transported by ambulance
  • Someone incurred life-altering injuries

Uber may call your emergency contact for two reasons:

  • To notify your contact that an emergency may have occurred
  • To gather information about the emergency, including what happened and who was involved

You can add any number as an emergency contact, but Uber will only try to contact the two contacts that you added most recently.

If Uber can get in touch with your first emergency contact, we won’t call the second.

What about privacy?

Uber is committed to the privacy of user data. Your contacts will only be called in case of an emergency. If you remove an emergency contact from your account, Uber will delete this information immediately.

How do I update my emergency contact information?

You can update your emergency contacts at any time in the app.

  • Navigate to “Account” then “App Settings” from the app menu.
  • Add or remove someone as an emergency contact by changing the “Emergency contact” toggle in a contact’s details.