Emergency contact information

What is an emergency contact?

An emergency contact is a person you choose that can be contacted if a specific incident occurs and Uber is unable to contact you directly.

When will Uber contact this person?

In case of emergency, Uber will first try to contact you, and if that’s not possible, we will call the emergency contacts you have chosen.

If we call your emergency contact, the subject could be:

  • Investigative: To help to compile information about the emergency incident, including what happened and who were involved.
  • Informative: To inform the contact about what happened in the emergency incident.

These are the events that Uber has defined as emergencies:

  • Death
  • Hospitalization
  • Ambulance needed to be called
  • Serious injuries

Although they are extremely rare, these situations can occur during a trip.

You can add any number as an emergency contact, but Uber will only try to contact up to 2 contacts, giving priority to the last 2 registered.

If Uber manages to communicate with the first emergency contact, we will not contact the second one.

And, what about privacy?

Uber is committed to the User data privacy. Your contacts will only be called in case of emergency. If you delete an emergency contact from your account, Uber will delete this information right away.