FAQs on Large Order Deliveries

What if my customer is unresponsive?

For large orders, a secondary phone number will sometimes be available for you in the customer’s drop-off instructions.

This phone number typically belongs to a facilities manager or security staff who can help you access the building and/or contact the customer.

If this is not available, additional help is available by contacting support.

Business customers have told us that they may not be able to immediately answer their phone for several reasons (example: they may be in a meeting), so they greatly appreciate your patience.

What if I have difficulty accessing the building or the delivery instructions are unclear?

If you are at the door of the building and there is no way to enter or call the security desk, you can use the app to call or text your customer and inform them you are unable to access the building.

If your customer is unresponsive, you can call the secondary phone number.

What if I can’t fit all of the items in my vehicle or mode of transportation?

If you arrive at the merchant and discover you are unable to transport all of the items, please contact support.

New York City only: If you are on a bicycle or two-wheel vehicle, the merchant can use their Uber tablet to request another delivery person to help transport some of the items.

Who are building runners, and what do they do?

A “runner” is someone that your customer has stationed in the lobby or entrance of a building waiting to receive orders.

This runner will take orders from you and deliver to tenant offices.

Is it possible to opt-out of large orders?

You are able to accept or decline any delivery opportunity you are offered, including large orders.