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GPS route was incorrect

The Driver app will sometimes suggest a route with inaccurate directions. We have many teams dedicated to improving the accuracy of our in-app navigation. We can often resolve the issue you experienced, if provided with specific and accurate details.

If you have feedback with the route provided, please complete the form below. Your feedback will be submitted to a specialized team for review. To help our team fix the mapping error, please follow the prompts below to provide clear feedback.

If the prompts listed below do not describe the issue you experienced, please return to the Help Center to find a different article, or submit your feedback through our "Anytime Feedback" form located in the Help section of the app.

First, select the category below that best reflects the issue you experienced (please choose ONE). Next, please answer the questions below to provide additional details. If you're not able to provide the information below, our team will still receive your feedback but may not be able to resolve the mapping issue.
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