Handling an unresponsive customer

  • For large orders: Check the drop-off instructions for a secondary phone number, which is usually the facilities manager or security staff’s contact. They can assist you in entering the building or reaching the customer.
  • No secondary number: If there isn’t one, please reach out to Uber support for further help.
  • Patience appreciated: Business customers may not answer immediately due to meetings or other reasons. They value your patience.

Trouble accessing the building or unclear instructions

  • No entry access: Use the app to call or text the customer if you can’t get into the building or reach the security desk.
  • Customer doesn’t respond: If the customer doesn’t reply, please call the secondary phone number provided.

Vehicle too small for order

  • Can’t fit items: If you can’t transport all items, contact support immediately.
  • In New York City (Bikes/Two-Wheel Vehicles): The merchant can request an additional delivery person to help via their Uber tablet.

Role of building runner

  • Runner defined: A runner is a person waiting in the lobby or entrance to collect orders from you and deliver them to offices inside the building.

Opting out of large orders

  • Choice to decline: You have the option to accept or decline any delivery, including large orders.

Delivering large orders

To deliver a large order: 1. Ensure you have enough space in your vehicle 2. Follow the customer’s drop-off instructions carefully 3. If a runner is available, hand off the order to them 4. If the customer is unresponsive or you face issues, use the secondary contact or support for assistance