Hourly Trips - Driver FAQ

What is Hourly?

Hourly is a ride option in the app that enables riders to request a trip by the hour with a two-hour minimum. This ride option is only available to drivers who are eligible for Uber Black or Premier.

How do I opt in?

Drivers who are eligible can opt in to receiving Hourly trips through Preferences in the Driver app. Here’s how:

  1. Open the Driver app and tap the 3 horizontal lines in the bottom right of the screen. This will open the “Trip Planner.”
  2. Tap the “Preferences” icon in the bottom left corner of your “Trip Planner” screen.
  3. Select the “Hourly trip request” to toggle it on.

Note: If you’d like to turn it off, you can tap the trip type to stop receiving this type of request. To reset your filters and receive all trips types you’re eligible for, tap “Reset.”

If you’d like to opt out of Black or Premier Hourly trips, you can turn this off any time in your Driver app preferences.

How do I accept a Black or Premier Hourly trip?

The requests will show up as “Black Hourly” or “Premier Hourly” on the offer card in the Driver app. The rider’s requested number of hours and maximum trip mileage will be shown at the bottom of the offer card. You can cancel for any reason.

What if a rider wants to make a stop?

The app enables riders to request multiple stops and update those in-app during the trip. Time spent at stops is included in the Black / Premier Hourly trip time. Before making a stop, it might be helpful for you to discuss with your rider how long they expect the wait to be and where you can both meet for the pick up.

Where is the Black / Premier Hourly Service Area?

Hourly is not available for trips to or from the airport, or with destinations outside your city’s service area.

How long will Black / Premier Hourly trips last?

That’s between you and your riders. The app enables riders to request Black Hourly or Premier Hourly between 2 and 7 hours. Trips that reach 8 hours will automatically end in the app. A rider may request additional time beyond the initial request, and the driver can choose to accept or reject the overage request.

Where can I find pricing information?

Drivers will earn a minimum amount per hour, after a service fee for each hour of the trip. Riders must request at least two hours. If the trip exceeds the time and/or distance initially requested by the rider and accepted by the driver, drivers will earn the following overages:

  • Time overage: If the time traveled exceeds the requested hours, drivers will earn an additional per-minute rate, variable by city, on top of the minimum fare.
  • Distance overage: If the distance traveled exceeds the mileage selected, drivers will earn an additional per-mile rate, variable by city, on top of the minimum fare.
  • Overage rates can be found in the fares portal of the Driver App.

Surcharges and tolls are charged to the rider in addition to these rates. Wait Time fees are applicable to this trip type. On Black Hourly and Premier Hourly, riders will be charged wait time fees five minutes after your arrival at their first requested pickup location. These wait time fees will accrue and you will receive a driver-initiated cancellation fee 15 minutes after arrival if the rider has not arrived by that time.


Hourly Trips Accepted Less than 2 Hours in Advance

  • You accept an on-demand or hourly trip less than 2 hours before the scheduled trip time. A $10 cancellation fee applies.

  • Your Rider cancels more than 5 minutes after you accept their trip and you are making progress toward their pickup. A $10 cancellation fee applies.

  • Your Rider doesn’t arrive at the pickup location within 15 minutes of your arrival. After that window of time, Riders will pay you a cancellation fee. A $20 cancellation fee applies.

Hourly Trips Accepted Longer than 2 Hours in Advance

  • Hourly Reservations accepted more than 2 hours in advance are subject to a higher cancellation fee for the Rider. The fee is equal to two times the hourly rate. The Rider can cancel at no charge up to 60 minutes before the reservation, but if they cancel within 1 hour, you will earn the minimum fare equal to two times the hourly rate.