Alcohol Delivery with Uber Eats

Choosing to Deliver Alcohol

  • Optional: Deciding to deliver alcohol is up to you and won’t affect your regular food delivery requests.
  • Opt-out anytime: If you change your mind, you can stop alcohol deliveries by contacting Support at
  • Declining specific orders: If an order includes alcohol and you prefer not to deliver it, simply cancel before pickup.

Steps for Alcohol Delivery

Check Customer Sobriety

Be sure the customer is not intoxicated. Signs to look out for:

  • Slow reactions and poor coordination
  • Difficulty walking straight
  • Trouble handling their ID
  • Slurred words

If they seem intoxicated, mark it in the app and inform them you cannot deliver the alcohol.

Verify Age and ID

Customers must show a valid photo ID. Acceptable forms include:

  • U.S. driver’s license
  • Passport (U.S. or international)
  • U.S. state ID
  • U.S. military ID

Be aware of counterfeit or altered IDs by checking for:

  • Inconsistent fonts, bubbles, or peeling
  • Different thickness or weight
  • Missing holograms or uneven edges

If they don’t have a valid ID, use the Customer doesn’t have valid ID button in the app. Let them know you cannot deliver without appropriate ID. You’ll return the order and get paid without affecting your rating.

Confirm Identity

Make sure the ID photo matches the person receiving the alcohol. If not, use the same Customer doesn’t have valid ID button in the app and initiate a return.

Confirm Legal Age (21+)

Scan the back of the ID for age verification:

  • Fit the barcode inside the frame
  • Avoid glare and shadows

If scanning fails, you can enter the ID information manually. Delivering alcohol to anyone under 21 is illegal.

Finalize Delivery

Once all checks are passed, hand over the order and complete the trip. If a valid ID isn’t presented, you must return the order for a fee, without affecting your rating.

Important Reminders

  • If the delivery is large, multiple delivery people will need to follow these steps.
  • Delivering to individuals under 21 or who appear intoxicated is illegal and can result in penalties.
  • Do not deliver alcohol to prohibited locations like schools, parks, and facilities operated by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Safety and Compliance

These guidelines are designed with your safety and legal compliance in mind and were reviewed by

For more information on responsible alcohol delivery, please visit