How are Long Pickup Premiums calculated?

Long Pickup Premiums allow you to start earning on your way to the longest pickups. Long Pickup Premiums are currently available in limited cities in the US. Check the Fares section of your Driver Dashboard to see if this feature is available in your city.

How Long Pickup Premiums work:

  • Premiums are paid on trips where the time spent traveling to the pickup location exceeds a predetermined Long Pickup Threshold, which can be found in the “Fares” section of your Driver Dashboard.
  • You’ll be eligible to earn a Long Pickup Premiums the moment you cross the Long Pickup Threshold. For example, If your Long Pickup Threshold is 10 minutes you will start accruing standard time and distance rates after 10 minutes of driving towards the pickup location.
  • Long Pickup Premiums will only apply to completed UberX, UberX Share, Uber Comfort, Uber Premier, and Uber Premier SUV trips, as well as completed UberXL trips in some markets.
  • Long Pickup Premiums are not eligible for Surge or Boost and will not apply on Driver Destination trips.
  • The maximum payment for Long Pickup Premiums in all cities is $20.
  • Long Pickup Premiums are calculated as part of the minimum fare.
    • Long Pickups Premiums may be reduced if it is determined that you have not made progress towards the pickup point at a reasonable pace or route.

Uber reserves the right to withhold, deduct or reduce the amount of any Long Pickup Premiums that we determine or believe were fraudulent, illegal, paid in error, or in violation of Driver Terms.

Note: Time and distance pricing does not apply to Uber Reserve, which is paid as an upfront fare.