How are Long Pickup Premiums calculated?

If you’re driving a longer distance to reach a rider, you could start earning before you even arrive with Long Pickup Premiums. This feature helps you earn for the extra time and distance you spend getting to faraway pickup locations.

Checking for availability

Go to Fares section of your Driver dashboard to see if Long Pickup Premiums are offered in your city.

Understanding how they work

  • You begin to earn after you exceed the Long Pickup Threshold.
  • The threshold is the minimum time you must spend traveling to a pickup before earning. For instance, if the threshold is 10 minutes, you earn after driving more than 10 minutes.

Restrictions Long Pickup Premiums:

  • Don’t include surge or Boost earnings.
  • Aren’t available for Driver Destination trips and reservations.
  • Have a maximum of $20 in any city.

Adjustments to premiums

  • The premium is part of the minimum fare.
  • Your premium may be less if you don’t head to the pickup location with a reasonable route or pace.

More details

  • Uber may adjust, withhold, or reclaim premiums suspected to be fraudulent, in error, or in violation of the Driver Terms.
  • Markets with upfront pricing no longer have separate long pickup fees as they are accounted for in the upfront fare, if applicable.