How can I find a vehicle?

Uber’s vehicle solutions program

Uber’s Vehicle Solutions program is designed to help you secure a suitable and insured vehicle, so you can start driving quickly, whether you’re interested in rideshare or delivering with Uber Eats.

Getting started

  • Sign Up: If you’re new, start by signing up to drive with Uber at the provided link. If you already have an Uber driver account, tap the menu in your app and select “”Get a vehicle”” to check out available options in your region.

  • Background check: Give your consent for, and then pass a background check to make sure you’re eligible to drive using the Uber app.

  • Choose your option: Look through the Vehicle solutions program and decide which option fits your needs best.

More information

If you have questions or need help during the process:

  • Visit the provided links to learn more about the program
  • Contact a vehicle advisor directly at 1 (866)-987-3743 for personalized assistance

Helpful links

Note: Vehicle options may vary depending on the city you’re in, and the availability of rental vehicles for both ride-sharing and Uber Eats deliveries.