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How do arrival times work?

In the Uber partner app, the directions you get to a delivery pickup and dropoff each have an estimated time of arrival (ETA). We share ETAs with restaurants and customers so they can prepare accordingly.

While we rely on you to make timely deliveries, road safety should always come first. However, if you regularly arrive significantly after the ETA, you may risk losing access to the Uber app. For some useful tips on avoiding late arrivals, read below:

1. Only go online when you're ready to accept orders.

If you're online, we assume that you're ready to make your way to the restaurant when you accept a delivery request.

2. Pay attention to arrival times.

When you receive a delivery request, take note of the ETA quoted in the Uber driver app.

3. Use the navigation in the app.

The Uber driver app will always display the most efficient route to your pickup and dropoff location, taking into account current traffic and other delays. If you're running late due to traffic, we'll be able to automatically let the business and/or customer know.

4. Communicate delays.

If you run into unexpected delays, feel free to reach out to the business or customer directly. We make it easy to find their contact information in the app.