Disputing a background check report

Correcting background check errors

If you find mistakes or incomplete details in your background check report, follow these steps to dispute the errors:


  • Contact Checkr by replying to the email or going to the Checkr portal (link provided in the email)
  • To dispute an issue, visit the Checkr Error Reporting page
  • If your report is over a year old, reach out to Checkr’s Support team


  • Understand the dispute process by exploring HireRight’s guidelines here

Samba Safety

  • Find details on disputing inaccuracies through Samba Safety’s instructions here

Please Note: * Uber bases its partnership decisions on your background check’s findings * The decision made by Uber, using the original or revised report, is final and cannot be challenged * Your background check provider is the correct point of contact for disputes related to accuracy or completeness of the report; they do not influence Uber’s decision