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How does the Consecutive Trips promotion work?

Consecutive Trips is a promotion for you to make extra by completing multiple trips in a row when and where we expect the most riders.

How does it work?
-Start in the zone: When the promotion begins, a blue outlined zone will appear on your screen -- navigate there before starting.
-Take your first trip: Your first trip must start in the zone during promotion time. After that, you can drop off and pick up from anywhere.
-Drive multiple in a row: Complete remaining trips of the series (even if they're out of the zone or after the promotion time) without canceling, rejecting, or going offline.

Pro tip: you can track your progress by checking the black tracker at the top of your app screen.

Promotion Details:
-Every Pool leg, ride type, and delivery is eligible
-Rider cancellations will not break an active series
-Consecutive Trips count toward your active Quest promotion
-There's no time limit for completing your Consecutive Trips series as long as the first trip of each series is started in the zone during promotion time
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