How tips work

Rides and Eats customers have up to 30 days to add a tip to a trip or order. On Eats orders, customers also have the ability to edit their tip up to one hour after the delivery has been completed. In-app tipping is now available on all trips/orders in cities that have the tipping functionality.

DELIVERY PEOPLE (includes drivers who both drive and deliver)

If an Eats customer adds a tip when they place their order, this will be included in the amount you see on the offer card.

However, customers have up to one hour after the delivery is completed to edit their tip amount, so it may take time to appear in your earnings. If the customer decides to increase, reduce, or remove the tip they previously entered, your earnings for the trip will be affected accordingly.

Please fill out this form if:

DRIVERS (those who only drive)

Estimated trip earnings do not include tips.

Riders are able to tip up to 30 days after the trip is completed. Any cash gratuity offered by a rider is voluntary. If a rider wishes to tip you, please feel free to accept.

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