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How to improve ratings

Some events during a trip cannot be anticipated. Circumstances outside your control may impact the rating you receive from a rider.

We understand this can cause concern. Since your overall rating is based on an average of up to 500 of your most recent trips, an individual trip rating will not have a significant impact on your overall rating.

Additionally, if a rider gives a negative rating and selects a trip issue that is unrelated to your performance (such as "Too many pickups", "Price", and "Driver app"), the trip will not count toward your overall rating.

5-star drivers report that riders appreciate it when they:
- Keep vehicles clean, well-maintained, and scent-free
- Ask riders about a preferred route to a destination
- Keep the conversation polite, professional, and respectful
- Dress professionally
- Open vehicle doors for riders
- Provide bottled water, snacks, gum, mints, and cell phone chargers
- Help with luggage and bags when it's safe to do so

Your weekly review shares ratings and comments from riders. This provides insight into the trip experiences you're creating.