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How to obtain your insurance declaration page

You may be asked to upload a supporting document for your insurance if your name is not present on your Insurance Card. This document is called an Insurance Declaration Page and will provide a summary of information to help get your insurance document approved if your name is not present on the Insurance Card. Upload this document alongside your Insurance Card in the app or on profile on Uber.com website.

On the Declaration Page you will typically find the following information:

- The main policy holder and any additional insured drivers, including your name
- Your policy number
- Effective & Expiration date of your policy term
- Year, make, model and VIN of your vehicles


If you don't have your Insurance Declaration Page there are several ways to acquire this document.

1. You may have received your Insurance Declaration Page in the mail when you first began your policy.
2. Some insurance companies allow you to download this document from their website when you log in to your account.
3. You can call your insurance company to obtain this document.

Below are some resources to help navigate getting your Insurance Declaration Page
Try reaching out to your insurance company directly if you need assistance finding this document. You can upload this document in-app and through Uber.com once you have it, along with your Insurance Card.
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