I need to provide additional driving history

If your Commercial Driving Record Search was not accepted due to less than 3 years of driving history in British Columbia, and you would like to share your driving record (abstract) from another province, we'll be happy to help you upload it so you can get on the road.

Your BC Commercial Driving Record Search must have an "N" at the top of the page. If a "P" is at the top of the page, you do not have the correct document. You must select "BC Commercial Driving Record Search (National Safety Code)" when requesting your abstract.

Please take a photo of each individual page of your abstract that proves you have at least 3 years of driving history and provide it here. You must provide us with each page of your abstract for our review.

Tap the camera icons in the boxes below to upload or take a photo of your document. If you're on your phone, select TAKE PHOTO. If you are on a desktop browser, you'll be asked to upload a photo saved to your computer. Repeat this for every document you have to submit.

Here are some tips for uploading your documents:

- Make sure the image is not blurry. We need to be able to read the text on each document.
- Please show the entire document in the image. A safe bet is to make sure all 4 corners are visible.

We'll confirm your submission and direct you to next steps if there are any issues with the attached documents.