In-Store shopping FAQ

What’s the best way to find items in store?

Here are some tips to make your shopping experience easier:

  • Look at the category of the item to match the isle name in the store. The shopping list is divided into categories defined by the store.
  • Shop for fresh produce. Then pick up dairy, meat, or fish. Get frozen items at the end.
  • Walk along the outer edges of the store to look for pre-packaged or processed foods. These items are usually placed in the middle aisles and cash registers.
  • Look for non-essential items, such as packaged chips, cookies, and other snacks in the inner aisles.
  • Familiarize yourself with your local market’s layout so you can better organize your shopping lists and save time.
  • Ask for help from the staff at the store if you can’t find an item.

How do I add additional items to a shopping list?

We don’t advise adding additional items to the shopping list without the customer’s consent. If a customer asks you to replace unavailable items with alternatives, you can follow the in-app process by adding items or adjusting the quantity of the items.

If the new total is greater than the estimated price, your Plus card might get declined.

How does adding items and entering price by weight work?

Customers will see a disclaimer that the price of the item is based on weight. They will also see an estimated price while they shop.

They will be charged based on the final weight collected by you and the receipt will reflect this.

How do I pick the correct item?

As you pick an item in the store, mark it as Found or Unavailable in the shopping list. Here are some tips: * Tap the item to read the description * Check the item name, quantity, weight or size, and brand * When barcode scanning is available, use it to pick the right item * Make sure to check the expiration date of items and take special care with frozen items to maintain their temperature

How do I shop for fresh produce?

Here are some tips when shopping for fresh produce:

  • Check the surface of fruits and vegetables for any bumps, bruises, or scratches.
  • Check for firmness when picking root vegetables such as garlic, onions, or potatoes. If there are cracks, or if the vegetable is too soft, pick a different one. For citrus fruits, you don’t want it to be too firm as it could be dry inside.
  • Ask the store’s staff if you have questions about the product.

What’s the best way to bag and package items?

Customers appreciate when their items are packed carefully and are delivered in good condition. Here are some tips:

  • Pack the products by categories such as groceries, cleaning supplies, and delicate products
  • Pack fragile products on top so they don’t get crushed or break
  • Keep frozen items and perishables such as dairy products together) so the temperature is maintained