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Information about Uber's sale to Grab for Driver Partners

We want to share some news with you - Uber will be combining our operations with Grab to lead you in the next chapter of ridesharing in Singapore.

What this means for you: we will be transitioning our services over to the Grab platform by 8 April 2018, and you will need to sign up for the Grab service to accept rides after that date. Rest assured, all rides picked up on the Uber platform before the cutover date will be paid in full.

What you should do:
Download the Grab Driver app here (IOS - https://grb.to/iosdriver
ANDROID - https://grb.to/adrdriver)
Visit grab.com/sg/comingtogether-driverpartner for specific sign-up instructions

For more information on this transition, please visit grab.com/sg/comingtogether-driverpartner. Greenlight Hubs will be closed on Monday 26 March 2018 for the transition.

Thank you and we look forward to continuing to partner with you at Grab.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is changing?
Uber will be merging our operations with Grab to lead you to the next chapter in ridesharing in Singapore. Once the transition happens, all your interactions will be managed directly by Grab.

When can I expect the change to occur? What happens until that date?
The official transition will occur on 8 April 2018; you can use the Uber Partner app to pick passengers up as you normally would until then. However we suggest onboarding onto the Grab Driver App as soon as possible. Go to grab.com/sg/comingtogether-driverpartner to start.

Will I still be able to use my Uber partner app after the transition?
No, you will not be able to pick passengers up using the Uber Partner app after the transition date.
However, your partner app will continue to display your account information, past earnings, and past trips.

Will I get paid for all the rides that I have accepted on the Uber app? When?
Yes, all rides that are picked up using the Uber Partner app before the transition date will be paid in full according to the regular payments schedule.

Can I access my Uber transaction history after the transition date?
Yes, you can log into your Uber Partner app or go to uber.com to view your full transaction history at any time.

Will my information be shared with Grab?
To make things easy for you, all data and information you previously shared with Uber will be transferred to Grab.

How do I continue being a driver?
Download the Grab Driver app [IOS - https://grb.to/iosdriver
ANDROID - https://grb.to/adrdriver]
Check this page for sign-up details for your specific country
There is no change for drivers who are already registered and activated on the Grab platform

What if I am not yet active on Uber?
Please go here to create a Grab account. As of today we will no longer be activating drivers.

What if I have more questions?
You can continue to contact Uber support within the 'Help' section of your Uber app or on help.uber.com.
For questions on signing up to drive with Grab, a trip initiated on the Grab app, or any Grab related issue, you can access help at grab.com/help.