Making on-time deliveries with Uber

When you’re delivering with Uber, we provide estimated times of arrival for both pickup and dropoff locations in the app. This helps everyone involved—stores, customers, and drivers stay informed and prepared. Continuously arriving much later than the estimated times of arrival could lead to losing access to the app. While we count on you to deliver orders promptly, remember that your safety is paramount.

Here are some tips to help you stay on schedule:

  • Only go online if you’re prepared to head to the pickup location as soon as you accept a delivery request.

  • Keep an eye on the estimated times of arrival provided in the app when you receive a delivery request.

  • The app suggests the quickest route, factoring in traffic and other potential delays. If congestion hinders you, the app will automatically inform the business and customer about the delay.

  • If you find yourself unexpectedly running late, you can contact the business or the customer easily. The app includes their contact details for your convenience.