Multi-restaurant batched trips - FAQ

What are multi-restaurant batched trips?

Multi-restaurant batched trips help you spend less time waiting for orders and more time delivering food.

How batched trips work:

  • During your first order pickup, if there’s another order waiting to be picked up by a restaurant nearby, you’ll get a notification to accept your next order
  • After accepting the second order, you’ll be directed to that restaurant location for pickup
  • After verifying the items for both orders, you’ll drop off your first delivery
  • Once you’ve completed your first delivery, complete your second delivery to finish your batched trip

Can I decline to do a batched trip?

Yes. You may accept or decline any delivery request, including batched deliveries.

How will my delivery fee be calculated for batched orders?

For batched orders, your delivery fee will be calculated as follows: 1. FLAT PICKUP FEE + 2. A PICKUP FEE MULTIPLIER WILL BE APPLIED PER RESTAURANT (RECEIVE AN ADDITIONAL 0.45X THE FLAT PICKUP FEE PER ADDITIONAL RESTAURANT)PER MILE (KILOMETER) RATE + - Calculated as the per mile (kilometer) fare multiplied by distance between pickup locations and dropoff points - This calculation may be based on the most efficient route and not on actual miles (kilometer) travelled 3. YOU MAY RECEIVE PER MINUTE RATE DEPENDING ON THE CITY + - Calculated based on the time spent starting from the arrival at the first restaurant to final dropoff - This calculation may be based on estimated time, including expected wait time at pickups, expected travel time between first restaurant to final dropoff and expected wait time at dropoffs (not on actual time) - NOTE: Time fare may only apply in select cities. Please refer to your city’s website on for more details if your city has a time based component to delivery fees. 4. FLAT DROPOFF FEE - Receive a flat dropoff fee for each order you drop off to customers

Please refer to your city website on for exact rates applicable for your city.

For example, let’s say you pick up two orders from two different restaurants. The flat pickup fee is $1.50. Also, the per mile fee is $0.60, the time fare is $0.15 per minute and you spent 12 minutes on this trip, and one dropoff fee is $1.00 (multiple this by two because you are dropping off two different orders). So, what this comes out to be is: - PICKUP FEE = $1.50 - ADDITIONAL PICKUP FEE = (0.45$1.50) = $0.68 - PER MILE (KILOMETER) FARE = $0.60 - TIME FARE = (12$0.15) = $1.80 (if applicable in your city) - DROPOFF FEE = (2*$1.00) = $2.00 TOTAL PAYMENT = $1.50+$0.68+$0.60+$1.80+$2.00 = $6.58

What if I can’t find my first customer and this causes a delay for my second order?

If you’re unable to find the customer when delivering, you can try calling them. If they don’t answer, you can tap the banner that appears to indicate that they didn’t answer. This will send them a notification, and a timer will begin.

If they don’t contact you by the time the countdown runs out and you follow the prompts to end the delivery, you’ll still get paid for the first delivery and it won’t affect your cancellation rating. You can then move on to complete your second delivery.

Can I opt out of receiving batched trip requests completely?

No, we currently do not support the option to completely opt out of receiving batched trips requests. However, you can decline to accept any trip request, including batched trip requests.