Nominating someone to deliver for you

You can nominate a ‘delegate’ to make deliveries on your behalf at any time. A delegate will be able to complete deliveries at any agreed time using your account.

To deliver on your behalf delegates must have an active Uber Eats delivery person account.

It’s all about trust

You’ll be fully responsible for your delegate. This includes ensuring they’re insured, registered and licensed to operate any motor vehicle they’ll be using in accordance with local laws. If they breach the Community Guidelines or your agreement with Uber, you may lose access to your account.

Your delegate will have access to all of the information in your driver account, including your bank account information and trip history. Anything you can see in your driver account, your delegate will also be able to see. You should take steps to ensure your delegate does not change your account password or modify your account without your permission.

Let us know about each delegate

If you wish to nominate a delegate, you’ll need to tell us beforehand by using the nomination process. This is an important step because unauthorised account sharing is against the Uber Eats Community Guidelines and can lead to confusion for Uber and for eaters. Unauthorized logins can trigger processes to lock and protect your account from unauthorized access; for example, we might think someone stole your account password.

Learn more about Delegation

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