Out-of-stock items and replacements

Out of stock items

When a customer places their order, they’re asked to give instructions on what to do if an item is out-of-stock or unavailable. For each item, they have the option to: * Pick the next best match or another specific item * Ask for a refund without making other choices

If the item is unavailable, select the item, tap Unavailable, and follow the instructions shown in your app.

  • If the app asks you to take a photo of nearby items, then the customer wants you to contact them for a replacement or suggestion. If all items are unavailable then you can cancel the order and the customer will get a refund.
  • If the app says “You can remove this item”, then you don’t need to contact the customer or Support. Mark the item as Unavailable, and then, select Remove the item to move on to the next item. If you’re done shopping, you can check out. The customer will not be charged for the item you removed.

Suggesting replacements

If an item is out-of-stock and the customer wants you to contact them, you’ll be asked to take a photo of a replacement item in the same aisle of the store or of a specific item. The customer may also suggest a best-match replacement.

Customers say it’s helpful to offer more than one suggestion. You could suggest replacements that are similar in: * Brand * Description * Quantity * Price

After your suggestion is sent, you’ll see a message that says Suggestion sent to customer for review. You can also find this in the In Review section on top of the shopping list.

What if the customer doesn’t respond to my suggestion or there are pending items?

If you’ve finished shopping and the customer still hasn’t replied, then you can remove the pending items and check out.

The customer won’t be charged for the removed item.