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Picking up riders

A great pickup starts when you receive the ride request. Note the pickup location address and location of the rider's icon on the map. This icon is typically the best indicator of where the rider will actually be.

Riders are notified by their app when your vehicle is about one minute away from the pickup location. Riders also have the option of using the Spotlight feature to help you easily find them. If a rider uses Spotlight, they will be instructed to hold up their phone while their screen illuminates a specific color. You will receive a notification in the app telling you what color to look for when you arrive to the pickup location.

If you cannot locate each other immediately after you arrive, use your app to call or send a text to let the rider know you're at the pickup location.

Try to approach the pickup location on the same side of the street as the rider's icon. Traffic can make it dangerous for riders to cross the street to meet you. If you're unable to approach the pickup location on the right side of the street, you can contact the rider to confirm. Always follow the rules of the road. Avoid violating traffic laws.

Start the trip only after the rider is safely seated in your vehicle. Uber advises riders not to request a ride until they're ready. If you cancel the trip after waiting 5 minutes (2 minutes on a POOL trip) for the rider at the pickup location, the rider will be charged a cancellation fee. This is paid to you. Riders appreciate you letting them know them their trip is being cancelled.

It's good practice to ask your rider's name to ensure the right person who requested pickup is in your vehicle. Confirm the destination, ask the rider about a preferred route, and then start driving.
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