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What is Flex Pay?

Flex Pay gives you the flexibility to receive your earnings whenever you want.


1. Select the “Earnings” section in the application menu.

2. Tap “Flex Pay”. The app will report the total amount currently available for transfer.

3. Choose “Transfer Now”.

4. Select “Confirm”. You will receive confirmation when the request is fulfilled.

Transfers with Flex Pay are made within three business days - remembering that the count can start the following day if the request occurs after 4 pm - but it may take longer for the amount to be available in your bank account, depending on your financial institution.

When the transfer is complete, an earnings summary will be generated. You will also see the approximate date your earnings will be available in your bank account.


You are eligible for Early Transfer after you have been active on the platform for at least two weeks and have completed 25 trips.

We will let you know by email.

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