Quality improvement courses

In order to offer a 5-star experience, drivers must maintain high standards of quality. Many U.S. states offer quality improvement courses for drivers from third party providers. Course offerings vary by provider, and may require classroom attendance or completion online.

Active drivers

If you want to learn more about providing riders with a 5 Star experience or have been notified that recent low ratings put your Uber account at risk, you can voluntarily sign up for a quality improvement course.

Deactivated drivers

If you have been deactivated for a low overall rating, your account may be eligible for reactivation upon successful completion of a quality improvement course.

Third-party providers

  • 7x7 Experience is the preferred national provider for quality courses, and is available in all US markets except New York City. They offer online and in-person courses in multiple languages.
  • Quality improvement courses in New York City are also available.

There are several other providers available in select cities. Please visit the website of the provider in your state to learn about available courses.

How to get back on the road

Once you complete the course, you can contact Support to start taking trips again. Just navigate to the help article below and submit a photo of your completion certification.