Queue access

Uber’s technology uses a first-in-first-out (FIFO) system. Once you enter the FIFO zone, you’ll be placed in a virtual queue. The first driver to enter this queue will be the first to receive a trip request, when available.

Queue joining tips

If you face any issues while joining the queue, here are some suggestions:

  • If you notice low or no service on your device, try moving elsewhere in the staging area.
  • GPS issues can cause the app to think you’ve left the staging area. To get the most stable GPS location as possible, it’s suggested to keep your phone mounted or near the window/windshield of your vehicle.
  • Adjusting or turning off your GPS settings can cause issues with connecting to or joining the queue.
  • Once you receive a request, rejecting the request outright or canceling the request after accepting could result in your spot in the queue resetting.

Note: Your spot isn’t lost if the rider cancels. If a rider cancels and you’ve already left the waiting area to pick the rider up curbside, simply return to the waiting area right away. You’ll get your spot back.

  • Be sure that you’re not logging out, quitting the app, restarting your phone, or turning your device off as that will result in losing your spot in the waiting area.

Getting priority access at the airport

Airport Priority Queue Access is a way to improve your experience at the airport.

When you get a short trip from the airport, we’ll hold your spot in the queue.

Airport Priority Queue Access still works even if you go offline or do other trips before returning to the airport queue. You can return to the same airport and get your next trip right away.