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Referrer - Report my missing or incorrect driver referral

Once you've shared your invite code with friends, you can track the status of your referrals to see who signed up and completed the number of trips required for you to receive your referral reward. Select Earnings from your app menu. Then tap Invites.

We will notify you when a new driver-partner who signed up with your invite code completes a required number of trips within 48 hours of your invitee meeting their requirements by email or push notification. Your referral reward should appear in your weekly payment statement in the Miscellaneous or Other Payment section in one to two weeks

If a referral code was not successful when your friend first signed up, we will still honor the promotion if your friend contacts Uber Support within 7 days of completing the required number of trips. This rule excludes all New York City partners. If you're a New York City partner, please message support below.
Please note you may not see a referral reward if your friend:
- Did not sign up using the link in the invite email sent from your account.
- Entered an incorrect referral code.

Referral amounts vary by city and are based on the city of the referred partner. If the referral amount that you have received is different than originally expected, please verify that the referred partner has signed up in the correct city. Referral offers are subject to terms and conditions and offer terms may change. You are only eligible for one referral reward per individual. If your referral has already signed up to drive or deliver before, you may not be eligible for a reward.

Please let us know below if a referral is missing or you were not paid the correct amount.
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