Referring drivers

Everyone with an Uber account has a personal invite code that you can share with friends interested in creating a rider or driver account. You’ll receive rewards when:

  • New riders enter your invite code before requesting their first trip.
  • New drivers sign up using your invite code and then complete a certain number of trips or other conditions.

You are only eligible for one referral reward per individual. If your referral has already signed up to drive or deliver before, you may not be eligible for a reward.

Ways to find and share your invite code:

  • Tap “Invite Friends Now” in the “Earnings” tab of your app. You’ll see your invite code at the bottom of the screen. You can also see a list of who you’ve referred, their invite status, and the reward you’ll receive when they take their first ride or complete the required number of trips.
  • Select “Invites” from the main menu on You can find the same info here that you would in the Driver app.
  • If you’re using the rider app, select Free Rides from the app menu to review your invite code and invite friends.

When a referral is successful, you’ll be notified via email or in-app notification. The reward can be found in the “Miscellaneous or Other Payments” section of your payment statement in one to two weeks.

If you haven’t received payment for a rider referral, the rider may not have entered your code when signing up or hasn’t taken their first ride. You’re welcome to remind and encourage them!

Note: Your driver account does not note your total number of successful referrals. Personal invite codes can’t be customized. Although some invitees may receive a reward for signing up with your invite code, they won’t be able to see this potential amount.