Rental Vehicles FAQ

Uber partners with a wide range of rental companies to help ensure that you have access to a car when you want to drive. While terms and conditions vary between partners, here are answers to some of the most common questions that we get about renting to drive on the Uber platform through out Vehicle Solutions program.

In what cities can I rent a vehicle?

Our rental company partners have vehicles available in dozens of cities across the United States and Canada. Visit our Vehicle Marketplace to see if our rental partners offer options in your city.

Can I use my rental car for Uber Eats?

Yes, we understand that it is currently a challenging time, but we’re here to support you. Please refer to the COVID-19 Hub in the driver app to see the delivery opportunities available in your city and to start receiving delivery requests.

How can I rent a Tesla with Hertz?

Visit the Vehicle Marketplace to see if Tesla rentals are available in your city. If they are, you can make a reservation to pick up your vehicle directly in the marketplace. If not, you can join the waitlist and we’ll be in touch when there is availability.

I am already renting a car - am I able to be an Uber rental partner?

We recommend that you rent a vehicle through our marketplace. If you want to rent outside of our marketplace, the insurance and registration must be in your name and you’ll need to speak to the rental company about using their vehicle with Uber.

Do I need a credit check to rent a car?

No. However, if you pay via debit card, some of our rental partners may run a soft credit check.

How much money will I need to pay for my rental?

While pricing differs between rental partners, there are some partner-specific pricing structures that you should be aware of. Please contact the rental company for more information.


Debit card users: your first week’s payment is charged to your debit card as an authorization hold. This hold acts like a normal charge where the money is taken from your bank account, but different in that the hold can be released later.


Hertz charges you for your rental when you return your vehicle or at the end of your four week contract. Since a new security deposit is required for each four week contract, we recommend that you have at least enough money in your account for the full rental payment and security deposit.

If you have any questions, check out the link below. You can also contact a vehicle advisor at 1 (866)-987-3743.