The app is not making noise

To troubleshoot when having trouble hearing your app:

Unmute Your Phone: * Ensure your phone’s volume isn’t set to mute. Increase the volume to hear the app sound. If you can hear audio from other apps (such as your favorite music or podcast app) the phone is not in silent mode.

  • To check or fix this in the Uber Driver app:
    • Select Account and then App settings
    • Tap on Sounds & voice
    • Set volume to “Louder”
    • Toggle all settings on (voice navigation, read rider messages, announce trip events).
    • Please close the app and try restarting it.

Check USB Connection: * When connected to a vehicle’s USB port, your phone may mute automatically. * Disconnect it to see if the sound returns.

Disable Bluetooth: * Sometimes, Bluetooth can interfere with the sound. Turn it off by: * Going to your phone’s Settings. * Tapping Bluetooth. * Turning the Bluetooth option off.