Plus Card declined

The Plus Card may only be used to purchase items pre-approved by a customer who has requested you to order and pay or shop and pay.

There are a few reasons why the Plus Card could have been declined:

  • You may be at the wrong store.

    • The card will be declined if you are at the wrong store.
  • Additional items are added and the customer did not ask for or approve them.

If your Plus Card was declined, swipe it again. If this doesn’t work, you can use your own personal payment method for delivery requests that include order and pay or shop and pay.

If you think the Plus card was declined for other reasons, you can email or call 1-800-253-9435.

If you used cash or another payment method to pay for your customer’s item(s) when requested to order and pay, you’ll be reimbursed within 24-48 hours. If you need help with a reimbursement from your customer, see the article below: