Troubleshooting Audio Issues

First, make sure your device is not set to silent or mute. On most devices, you can do this by moving the Silent switch forward toward the device’s display so that orange isn’t showing. If your phone has an Action button, you can also swipe down from the top-right corner to open the Control Center and toggle Silent mode on and off.

Next, check the playback volume level of your device by following the instructions for your phone’s operating system:

When adjusting the volume settings, ensure that audio from the Driver app is playing. Keep in mind, when a phone is plugged into the vehicle’s USB port, the sound may automatically mute or deactivate.

App volume is too loud, too quiet, or there’s no audio

To adjust the volume: 1. In the app, go to Settings 2. Select Sounds & Voice 3. Set volume to Louder

Volume is reduced while using the app

  • If you’re using Audio Recording or Record My Ride:

    • During recordings, ‌playback volume will be reduced so our safety agents can hear what’s happening
    • Volume will be restored after recording stops
  • Otherwise, persistent low volume may be a bug within the app. Please follow these steps:

    • Close and restart the app
    • Activate, then cancel Siri or other personal assistant

No audio when using Carplay or Android Auto

If you can hear music or audiobooks from other apps:

  • Turn up the volume using the car’s audio knob
  • Review the App volume is too loud, too quiet, or there’s no audio section above
  • If you can’t hear Uber Navigation and offer card sounds, please turn up the volume via the gray volume icon that appears on your CarPlay or Android Auto screen
  • Audio volume needs to be louder when audio from the app is playing (e.g., when a offer card appears on the screen)

Phone is connected to the car via USB but there’s no audio

Check that the input source is not set to FM, AM, or XM Radio. Sounds from the Uber app will not play in these configurations. To hear sounds from your phone, change the input source to phone, iPod, or USB. To enjoy music while using the app, consider using a radio app on your phone.

Other tips

  • Audio customization has three settings: Softer, Normal, and Louder.
  • Toggle settings On for voice navigation, read rider messages, and announce trip events
  • If you’re listening through car speakers, check that the volume is turned up on those speakers
  • Close, then restart the app

Can we help with anything else?