Troubleshooting phone charging issues

If your phone isn’t charging or is losing charge in your vehicle, try these tips:

Use a socket car charger

  • Car USB ports may not offer enough power for newer phones
  • Use a socket car charger (also called cigarette lighter charger) that supports your phone’s fast-charging technology
  • Search online for a well-reviewed fast car charger compatible with your phone model

Adjust screen brightness

  • Lower your phone’s screen brightness to save battery, ensuring the display remains visible while using the Driver app

Replace your charging cable

  • If charging doesn’t improve, consider getting a new charging cable
  • Opt for a braided cable with thick wiring for durability and better performance

Charge with a power bank

  • Keep a portable power bank handy to charge your phone when you’re not in your vehicle, ensuring it’s ready to go

Remove USB adapters

  • Avoid using adapters on your charging cable, as they can reduce charging efficiency
  • Use a direct USB-C or appropriate cable type for your phone for faster charging

Choose the right charging cable

  • Different cables charge at varying speeds
  • Purchase a fast charging cable from your phone’s manufacturer or one designed specifically for your phone for the best results

Close unused apps

  • Apps running in the background can slow down charging
  • Force close any apps you’re not using to help your phone charge more swiftly