Turning navigation features on and off

Your Driver app has built-in GPS navigation, with features that help make it easier to navigate your route, including:

- Auto-navigate

- Route preview

- Night mode

- Lane guidance

- On-route traffic

Some features may not be available in all cities and on all devices. If they’re available for you, they’ll be in your in-app navigation.


Auto-Navigate provides turn-by-turn navigation along your route. It starts up as soon as the trip has begun without any action from you.

To turn Auto-Navigate off:
1. Select ACCOUNT in the Uber app

Route Preview:

Route Preview gives you a quick look at your next trip before the navigation begins. Note: Route Preview may not be available on all devices.

Night mode:

Night Mode changes the color of your screen at night to make the display easier on your eyes. It turns on automatically if you are online at night. This feature may not be available on all devices.

To turn change your Night Mode settings:

1. Tap the menu button (three lines) on the top left.
2. Select “Account” > “App settings” > “Night mode.”
3. Choose “Always off,” “Always on,” or “Automatic”.

Lane guidance:

Lane Guidance tells you what the best lane is for your route before you make the turn.

On-route traffic:

On-route Traffic shows you the traffic along your route. Yellow means there is some traffic and red means traffic is heavy.