Package delivery with Uber

Item delivery requests: what to expect

Recognizing delivery requests

  • When you get a delivery request, the offer card will read Delivery - Package.
  • You’ll see estimated time and distance for the trip.

Item delivery steps

  • Accepting a delivery shows the pickup address and a route.
  • Pickup notes may be provided for easier location.
  • Dropoff information is given after item pickup.

Fare calculation

  • Your fare is the sum of the base fare, plus compensation for time and distance, including any surge pricing.
  • It also accounts for time navigating both to pickup and dropoff locations.

Unable to find parking?

  • Contact the sender or recipient to meet at your vehicle.
  • Remember, Uber won’t cover any parking fees or tickets.

Issues with pickup location or items

  • For issues like a flat tire, cancel the trip in the app.
  • In emergencies, call authorities first.
  • If the item is too heavy (over 50 pounds) or doesn’t fit, you can cancel. Contact the sender for more details.

No one at pickup?

  • Use the app to call the pickup contact.
  • If pickup contact is unreachable, cancel the order.

Long wait at pickup?

  • Cancel using Excessive wait time as the reason.

Can’t find the customer or dropoff location?

  • Check the app for delivery instructions from the sender.
  • Call the sender for assistance if needed.
  • If unresolved after 8 minutes, report the issue in the app.
  • If return isn’t enabled, you might be prompted to return the items or leave them at the door. Contact Uber Support for help.

Delivery PIN issues

  • Request the PIN from the sender through app communication.
  • If you can’t get the PIN, notify the sender, and Uber might reach out.
  • If the PIN is unavailable, you may opt to cancel the trip and coordinate a return.

Handling undeliverable orders

  • Report the issue in the app using the red triangle.
  • The app may direct you to return the items.
  • You can be compensated for a return trip if the original delivery can’t be completed.

Order cancellations en route

  • If canceled mid-route, the app will instruct you (likely to return the items).
  • Compensation includes the return trip.

Address change requests by customers

  • You can accept or decline new location deliveries.
  • Contact Uber Support if you accept. Cancel and possibly return items if you decline.

If you can’t deliver an order

  • Cancel in the app for any delivery issues.
  • Contact Uber Support for reporting.
  • Prioritize calling emergency services if needed.

Opt out of item deliveries

  • Contact Uber Support via or through the app.
  • Delivery participation is optional; opting out is allowed at any time.