Uber photo verification process

Purpose of requesting a selfie

  • Account safety: To confirm you’re the account holder in order to keep the platform secure
  • Community trust: We don’t permit account sharing as it’s against our Community Guidelines
  • Verification process: Occasionally, we’ll ask for a live selfie to match with your existing profile photo

Steps to take a verification selfie

When prompted, here’s how to snap a clear selfie from within the app:

  • Stay within the on-screen guidelines, showing your face and neck
  • Ensure the area is well-lit; turn on lights if needed
  • Hold your phone steady to avoid a blurry picture
  • Have a clear background without other people
  • Don’t wear items that cover your face, such as hats or scarves

Remember, the photo must be of you, not another person or a photo. Update your profile photo if your appearance changes, click here for assistance.

Understanding photo comparison

  • We send your selfie to Uber and Microsoft for facial verification, comparing it with your profile photo
  • If flagged, three identity specialists independently examine the photos. Two matching opinions could restrict your account access
  • Your photos are kept confidential, and legal authorities can only access them with a proper legal process

If your photo fails verification

  • Your account may be temporarily waitlisted for 24 hours or suspended indefinitely
  • You can appeal in the app by reviewing your profile, real-time selfie, past selfies, and ID document

Reactivating your account

Appeal the deactivation by submitting an appeal in the app. The review takes into account: * Profile and real-time photos * Past verification selfies * Identification documents

If they match, your account gets reactivated without affecting future checks. If the photos still differ, the account remains deactivated.

Data retention and security

  • Retention period: We store photos for three years, for integrity investigations
  • Data protection: Microsoft handles biometric data without keeping a copy, and we limit data access internally

Specific considerations

  • Transgender support: If you’re transitioning or transgender, we’re here to help with verification. Update your profile picture in Account > Account settings

For more on data use and your rights, please review our Privacy Notice.