Unable to contact riders

To ensure connection with riders:

  • Use your current mobile number (it should not be a home number)
  • Make sure your number is public, not private or blocked
  • Avoid using Google voice numbers

Updating your phone number:

  1. Open your app. You can either tap on the 3 lines in the left hand corner OR your photo in the top right corner
  2. Tap on Account, then tap on Edit account
  3. Select the detail to change and enter the updated information
  4. You’ll be prompted to enter a verification code or current password to confirm your change

Disable ‘Do not disturb’ mode

Check your phone settings and turn off “do not disturb” mode so calls won’t go straight to voicemail

Anonymized numbers

Uber protects your privacy by using anonymized numbers when drivers and riders communicate. * This unique number is not for saving * Always use the Uber Driver app to call or text a rider