Using other apps or getting calls while online

Managing notifications and going offline

If you’re signed in to Uber but switch to another app without accepting a trip, you’ll receive a notification every 3 minutes. This is to remind you to go offline if you’re not ready to take trip requests. These reminders won’t interrupt you while you’re on a trip.

You can go offline at any time if you don’t want to receive trip requests. Simply open the Uber app and tap the button to go offline.

App functionality and GPS tracking

  • Your Uber app will continue to run in the background if you use other apps or make phone calls. This ensures your trips are accurately recorded and you get the correct fares.
  • Even while using other functions on your phone, the app keeps using GPS to track your trips for accurate billing.

Mobile phone use while driving

  • Always follow your local laws about mobile phone use while driving. For safety, avoid phone conversations when driving, as they can be distracting and increase the risk of accidents.
  • Remember that talking on the phone during trips can be perceived as rude or unsafe by your riders. Focus on driving to provide a comfortable and secure experience for everyone.