Using rental cars to drive

Uber’s rental policy

  • Rent from approved partners: Only use rental vehicles from Uber’s approved rental company partnersies. These cars are insured and approved for use by the rental car companydesignated for use on the Uber platform. to ensure you comply with all rental agreements.
  • Avoid account issues: Do not use unapproved rental cars. Using vehicles not rented through one of approved by Uber’s rental car partnerspartners can result in your account being placed on hold. Continued use of rentals from unauthorized companies rentals may lead to permanent deactivation of your Uber account.

Finding an approved rental

  1. Visit the Vehicle Marketplace.
  2. Sign in to see options available in your area.

Local availability

  • Rental and leasing options vary by city.
  • Check the Vehicle marketplace for solutions tailored to your location.

Help with your rental

  • Get support: If you have questions or need assistance with a rental car for driving with Uber, please call our support team at 1-833-956-0473.