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What data is available in my partner dashboard?

View and manage information related to your driver account in your Partner Dashboard. See trip history, payment statements, and driver documents.

The Payment Statements tab allows you to access your statements by pay period. Each payment statement includes the following information:

- Total earnings from trips and promotions
- Daily earnings and trip history. Each date includes a detailed list of all trips from that day, including pickup time, vehicle, duration, distance, total earned from trip

To download your payment statement and summarized trip history, follow these steps:

1. Click "Print statement" at the bottom of the page to open a printer-friendly document
2. Depending on the browser you are using, you may need to manually print this document using the browser menu
3. Save this page as a PDF to keep for your records

A summary of driver activity (including total completed trips, online hours, acceptance rate, and driver cancellations) for the statement's pay period is displayed on the webpage.

While this information is not included in the printer-friendly version of the statement, you can manually print the webpage from your browser's menu and save it as a PDF.

Click on a trip to access detailed trip information. This will open a new tab containing the following information:

- Itemized fare breakdown, including how much you received, how much the rider paid, and how much Uber received from that trip
- Trip duration and distance traveled
- Vehicle used for the trip and license plate number

To download the information from an individual trip, open a print dialog and save the page as a PDF.

To view and download your tax documents, go to the "Tax information" tab. Uber provides a yearly summary for you to download as a PDF or print for your records.

The "Banking" tab includes your bank account and debit card information. For your payment security, sensitive information (such as your full bank account number) is masked.

Other driver documents have limited accessibility through the portal. In the "Manage documents" tab, you can confirm which documents you have uploaded to the portal. These may include your driver's license and vehicle registration, insurance, and inspection forms.

Since you already have access to your own personal documents, to prioritize the security of your information, Uber does not provide copies of what you have uploaded.