Know about Uber Eats Pro: rewards program

Uber Eats Pro is our new rewards program for Delivery Persons in select cities. If you aren't invited to the program, stay tuned. The program may expand to additional cities and more Delivery People in the future.

Uber Eats Pro offers four membership tiers:

1. Green
2. Gold
3. Platinum
4. Diamond

Tiers unlock access to certain rewards offered by third parties or Uber Eats. Each successive tier includes its own rewards, as well as the rewards of the preceding tiers.

With Uber Eats Pro, you get points for deliveries that you complete within certain timeframes. The specified hours and points are as follows:

- Lunch: 3 points/delivery completed during 11am - 2pm
- Dinner: 6 points/delivery completed during 5pm - 9pm
- Any other time: 1 point/completed delivery

To be eligible to unlock Gold, Platinum, and Diamond rewards, your satisfaction rating from restaurants and customers must be at or above 95%.

Points are earned during fixed one-month periods and reset to zero at the end of each month. If you earn a tier in a given month, you can start enjoying your rewards right away.

For example, if you unlock Diamond status on January 2, you'll keep your Diamond status through the end of February.