Why are my earnings and balance different?

Understanding your earnings in the driver app

How to check your current week’s earnings

There are two ways in the driver app to check what you’ve earned:

  1. Tap Wallet in the app
  2. Select Balance
  3. Review your earnings summary in the Summary section

Or alternatively:

  1. Tap Earnings in the app
  2. Under “Balance,” choose Summary to see your earnings breakdown

What’s included in your earnings summary

The summary includes:

  • Your starting balance for the week
  • All earnings for the current week
  • Any refunds and expenses (like tolls or fees for instant cashout)
  • Payouts you’ve received
  • Earnings carried over from previous weeks
  • Your current balance after all the above is considered

Why your current balance may differ from your total earnings

Sometimes you may notice differences between your current balance and your total earnings. Here are some common reasons:

  • You cashed out some earnings already this week
  • There are pending refunds or expenses which need to be accounted for
  • You’re waiting for promotions to be added
  • Some trips are still processing or under review
  • You’ve received tips or adjustments from previous weeks

Keep an eye on your balance for the most up-to-date overview of your earnings. If you have any questions or concerns about your earnings, don’t hesitate to reach out for support through the app.