Do I still need a tablet if I am POS integrated?

Most integrations today do not require that you have a tablet onsite, or they allow you to shut off the tablet without affecting your restaurant’s visibility on Uber Eats.

Additional Suggestions:

  1. Check with your POS provider to see whether this is a feature supported on their integration.
  2. Besides using the physical tablet, you can also access the Restaurant dashboard via a web-link or through our dashboard apps (both linked below).

These are both great solutions if your integration does support removing the tablet and you’d like to still see the dashboard without a physical tablet OR if your integration requires a tablet but you’d rather use a version of the dashboard other than the physical tablet.

If you would like to use the web-version of the restaurant dashboard, log in here.

If you have the restaurant dashboard login and would like to try out the app, you can download it here: iOS | Android