Allergy-friendly restaurant program FAQ

When you opt in to the Allergy-Friendly Restaurant program, you’ll be listed as an allergy-friendly restaurant. This means that customers ordering from your restaurant can add allergy requests to individual menu items. You’ll be required to fulfill these requests, which will be highlighted on the order card and contain specific allergy information, or you’ll need to communicate with the customer that you can’t fulfill the request.

How do I opt in?

Click here to learn how to get listed as allergy friendly.

What are the benefits of opting in?

Opting in to accept customer allergy requests allows you to:

  • See allergy-sensitive orders more prominently, since allergy requests are clearly marked in Uber Eats Orders
  • Save time accepting, modifying or declining orders in the Uber Eats Orders–all the info you need is displayed upfront
  • Be visible when customers search for allergy-friendly restaurants using the in-app filter

How do customers add allergy requests?

Before adding a menu item to add to their cart, customers can include an allergy request by adding it to the Allergy Notes section.

Note: Customers can also provide additional details in their allergy request(s) before adding the item to their cart.

Where will I see allergy requests?

Allergy requests appear on orders in Uber Eats Orders. These orders are highlighted with an orange banner at the top of the order. The request appears below the associated menu item. Tap the request to view allergen details or communicate with the customer.

How do I accept customer allergy requests?

Tap Confirm on the order to acknowledge that you’ll accommodate it. Please note you can review allergy requests prior to accepting an order and cancel the orders you can’t accommodate. Alternatively, you can communicate with the customer to let them know you can’t fulfill the request and see if they’d like to modify their order.

How do I decline an allergy request?

If you can’t accommodate an allergy request, see the article below for suggestions on responding to customers.